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Covid 19 – Triple Lockdown @ Trivandrum

The daily increase in the number of kovid patients is worrying the people. With the tripple lockdown government announced at Thiruvananthapuram, life in the state is in dire straits. The economy is in a hurry. The general public and the traders are in a difficult position except for the salaried government employees. Don't know how long this will last.

Although there are online classes in schools, We can't say how effective they are. No one seems to be aware of the health problems of children who have their eyes planted on a mobile phone for five or six hours a day.

Studies suggest that family relationships involving parents and children at home are more likely to occur. Not everyone can implement effective mechanisms to alleviate mental tensions. In short, people are moving into isolated situations in the same home. Everyone has brought life to the four walls of a mobile phone. If we cannot change this, the consequences will be serious.

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