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Olam – Flea Market in Trivandrum

Ripples of art, music, fashion & food.

At the Trivandrum Golf Club, on May 12th and 13th. Time 4 pm- 11pm.

Come May 12, and the city will get its first flea market.

‘Olam’, as its organizers—a group of city-based youths working in different sectors—call it, will be held for two days between 4pm and 11pm at Golf Club.

Olam seeks  to empower and celebrate the rising, talented and passionate entrepreneurs in and around Trivandrum.

Being the held at the prestigious and beautiful Trivandrum Golf Club at the heart of the city, Olam will be the fisrt of its kind entertainment platform where Trivandrum’s finest musicians, small traders and buyers come together.

You will find it all – curios, paintings, home decor, fashion essentials, music bands and of course tasty food!.

Be part of the cultural wave spreading through Trivandrum, Summer edition on May 12th and 13th.

Tony Cyriac first thought of introducing the flea market, and the idea clicked with others. In two months, the members—aged 18-24—of the collective swelled.

Cyriac said around 63 people, home chefs, jewellers and artists, registered to participate in the event. Some eateries, too, joined in.

“Our team came together with the aim to celebrate Trivandrum. The concept of flea market is trending across the country except here. Olam is providing a space to small vendors, who are mostly into online business. Our aim was to find maximum 50 vendors,” he said.

Anina Elizabeth Jacob, a coordinator of the event, said Olam would be curated by architects of the Indian Institute of Architects.

“Fun activities such as games and music performances by various bands have been planned. There will be a pet adoption drive arranged by Hands for Pows,” she said.




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