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Heavy Rainfall Persists Across Kerala, IMD Anticipates Monsoon Arrival Within 24 Hours

Raining in Trivandrum - Hello Trivandrum
Raining in Trivandrum - Hello Trivandrum

Kerala remains under siege by heavy rainfall, with the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) forecasting the onset of the monsoon within the next 24 hours. The relentless downpour continues to wreak havoc across the state, inundating low-lying areas and prompting concerns over potential flooding.

In Trivandrum, the capital district, the situation remains dire as heavy rains persist. Recent reports from the district administration indicate significant agricultural losses, with crops spanning 16.56 hectares destroyed, resulting in a financial setback of ₹11.19 lakh. Plantain crops covering 16.36 hectares and vegetable cultivation in 0.20 hectares have been particularly hard-hit, affecting 127 farmers.

The IMD's warnings extend beyond Kerala, with several low-lying areas in neighboring districts like Ernakulam also experiencing heavy inundation. Predictions suggest that the inclement weather is likely to persist until June 2, further exacerbating the existing challenges posed by the ongoing downpour.

Efforts to address the crisis are underway, with relief camps being set up to accommodate affected individuals and families. In Trivandrum, the Eanchakkal Government UP School has opened its doors to provide shelter, bringing the total number of operational relief camps in the district to four. Currently, these camps are housing 31 people from 14 families.

While the immediate focus remains on providing assistance to those affected by the heavy rainfall, authorities are also taking precautionary measures to mitigate potential risks. The Aruvikkara dam's shutters have been partially lifted, raising concerns for residents living downstream. Additionally, popular tourist destinations like the hill station Ponmudi have been closed to visitors in light of the adverse weather conditions.

As Kerala braces for the impending monsoon and continued rainfall, residents are urged to remain vigilant and adhere to safety guidelines issued by local authorities. With the situation evolving rapidly, concerted efforts are essential to minimize the impact of the ongoing downpour on lives and livelihoods across the state.

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